Thursday 27 June 2013

Track 3 Draft

Everyone do the 'Hale-Bop'! Maybe not, but you'll understand when you watch Track 3. Very much inspired by Fantasia and Emma Foster's painting has a lovely brush-stroke quality which I thought would be the perfect fit. One thing to note is haven't considered the transition colours at the beginning or end yet. I'll adjust that for the next update.


  1. Looks fantastic, Tom! =)

  2. Hi Tom - the only thing I'd even think of suggesting here is simply that at around 43/44 secs the music eases off a bit but the intensity of the colours/movement takes a little longer to mirror that down-shifting; the music winds down very noticeably at the end of the track and you reflect that in the imagery, but there's this moment before that loses intensity and maybe you could reflect that more so - but in all truthfulness, I don't think it's hugely significant.