Friday 21 June 2013

Drafts Track 7,8 and 9

Put the initial drafts into a sequence to see how it all plays out in order. Quite satisfying.

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  1. Hey Tom - what a treat to see all this run together :) So - some feedback now - all very minor.

    I think the transition at approx 1.30 feels a little too prolonged in terms of the black space, so I'm just wondering if the blue circles could begin a little earlier so this feels less like a stop/start between 2 different sequences - so coming in at around 1.32?

    Okay - after more consideration, I think the blackspace at approx 3.36 DOES feel a bit counter-intuitive when seen against the 'instruction' of the accompanying music. This almost feels as if you could have a 'flash of lightening' equivalent, with maybe just those vertical lines flashing in and fading out almost simultaneously - it doesn't have to be right on the buzzer, but it does feel as if that music is underlining something that is otherwise absent here. I still think too that the landscape after 3.57 needs more float and separation, with all those layers slowly pulling apart, as if they're in zero gravity but just beginning to fall away from each other; this scene just feels under-powered in terms of the medium of animation itself - this one feels like a still being post-produced, as opposed to a space being explored. The final sequence at 5.40 just feels as if it needs to get busier still - there are some areas on the far right, for example, that need to fill up with more of those busy 'vehicles' - I'm guessing this is the result of the new aspect ratio, but more layers and more use of the smaller, quicker components will really make this traffic heave and swarm.