Thursday 6 June 2013

Track 05 Render v001

Roughing out the fifth section which is the most abrstract and jazzy part for me. This fills the gap between 2 pieces I've already completed, so I know how I want it to start and end. It's a pretty detailed sequence, so I've started by setting up the first section of this piece and will develop from there.

The sequence before this ends in a very simplistic and 2d world, I wanted to carry this through but start to add colour and more abstract reactions to the music. I'm planning to have this finished by next Tuesday, which will mean I will have 4 out of 5 sections drafted out and ready to test on the projector.  More to come in the next few days.


  1. exciting!!! - sort of deco/Times Square feel going on here :)

  2. Thanks Phil, it's good to see how many styles and approaches are being used. I think we are going to have a 16 minute animation of very diverse and alternative results.