Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First Test - VERY ROUGH!

A super early and very tentative animation test using Chrissie's Challenge 8 painting, Bearing in mind this was made with little or no consideration to detail or anything approaching finesse! The aim was to have a play with the PSD files in After Effects and how to manage the various layers once they are in a comp. I've just put everything onto a 3D layer, pushed the layers around to create depth and then pulled a camera through. Hey presto, something interesting already emerges! For future tests which are intended to contribute to the final piece, I think there's going to have to be a balance met between using the elements which already exist, and recreating some others so that they are usable for animation.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Initial Painting Selections.

I've drawn up a rough selections of initial paintings which may or may not form the content for the final animation. The challenge of selecting paintings which are subjective representations of music, is that my own experience of the music is also subjective. I've run with my instincts rather than dwell on analysing what the music potentially means universally. I've either tried to see as everything as recurring themes. Whether that be the type of shapes used, colour or potential movement for animation. 

These selections will change as I continue to re-listen and reassess the music, and work out what the animation itself needs. Right now I'm listening the music as is, in recorded form. On the night it's going to  be very different so that will also change how things progress. At this stage everything is very much wide-open! Which makes this a tricky initial phase. Some of the pieces of music are short, while others a quite long. It’s going to take some time to make sure the choices are right for the music, and not be overly democratic. I’m also missing a few potential ones which are currently sitting on Dropbox. However, once this process is more refined, I can start to produce some animation tests.

Warning. A large set of images incoming!

Set 1

Set 3

Set 7

Set 8

Set 9

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Animation breakdown.

To keep things fresh and energetic for the entire 16 minute duration, we decided collectively to split up the segments of the music track alternately. I'll be taking 'Animation Set 1' and Jordan will be working on 'Animation Set 2'. The next job is start selecting the paintings, and just starting working them into a very straightforward sequence of images in Premier/After Effects. This will help gauge an overall style for each of the sections - hopefully revealing if there's recurring themes which we can use to our advantage.

Animation Set 1

Track 1 - 01:00

Track 3 - 01:00

Track 7 - 01:30

Track 8 - 3:30

Track 9 - 01:20

8:20 mins approx


Animation Set 2

Track 2 01:00

Track 4 - 1:00

Track 5 - 2:00

Track 6 - 2:40

Track 10 - 2:00

8:40 mins approx