Sunday 12 May 2013

Working Order

This graph is probably incredibly confusing to anyone other than the ACT team members however I shall do my best to explain it's purpose. In truth, this may end up being the least exciting post in the history of this project but it's all good stuff. We'll try to keep things as outward facing as possible throughout, even if you might end up falling to sleep at the end of it!

After a meeting on Tuesday it was decided to just push forward and start creating the final content. We've both done a few tests using various methods and progress can only really be made if we just knuckle down and start producing this thing. As I've blogged before, we are working in alternate sequences. In order to establish a non-convoluted workflow, we decided that we need to know before-hand the beginning and end of our respective sequences so that the transitions between tracks can flow smoothly. Otherwise we could have some abrupt shifts in colour and mood. To knock off a massive chunk of the animation we will start with the two blocks of three (7,8,9 for me. 4,5,6 for Jordan). Though it sounds odd perhaps, I will be starting at the end with Track 9 so that Jordan knows how Track 10 begins. Jordan will start on Track 4, so that I know how Track 3 will end. Which just leaves me to work on Track 1 to establish how Track 2 will start. 

Next post will be visually impressive and rich, I promise!

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