Sunday 19 May 2013

Track 9 v003 (no motion blur)

With the middle two sections pretty much there, I've moved on to the trickier opening section. Trickier in so much that there's much more individual stuff to sort out . It's Jake's painting, but it kind of isn't as I've had to go in and recreate a lot of the elements from scratch so that I can animate more easily. Pretty satisfied with it but I may go in and change a few things later on after I've taken a break from it. The music has definitely got the hustle and bustle of moving traffic in a busy city, so I've tried to play up to that idea wherever possible. Unlike the other sections I've kept it totally flat as 3D layers aren't going to enhance it in any meaningful way. Motion blur later is going to smooth out some of the zippier animation going on. The aim will be to get this track 95% there in the next couple days, so I can move onto the 3:30 Track 9 which is going to take a lot longer to make.

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