Friday 17 May 2013

Track 04 Render v002

I've been concentrating on refining the opening sequence and it's now starting to move in a much better direction. The camera move is helping a lot and I'm starting to add details to emphasise the smaller beats. The second half of this sequence is still very much in progress and isn't shown in this render, but I'll be finishing it this weekend and hopefully opening the whole sequence up to more discussion. The colour stepping on the background will be fixed, and although there is motion blur I would like to emphasise some depth of field and more texture.

Edit - Also, I've started uploading to YouTube so that you can view sequences in HD.


  1. I like the whiff of menace here, Jordan - loving it actually :)

  2. Cheers Phil. Menace is definitely intended, it will be a great contrast to other sections. It's been strange transitioning from projects involving lots of CG, modelling, texturing something very abstract and completely different in approach. It's incredibly refreshing and now that I'm getting the hang of it, it's really enjoyable. Things are starting to come together already :)