Thursday 16 May 2013

Track 04 Render v001

I've tried to look at track 4 from scratch and formed a basis for the sequence using a few different pieces of work. This sequence is made from elements of speed paintings by Phil Gomm, Anita Gill and myself. Plus some work from Ryan Leitao and Sam Niemczyk which is yet to be added.

Track_04_Render_001 from Jordan Buckner on Vimeo.

The big struggle at the moment is making interesting visuals when the music is so sparse in areas. There is a ominous drum beat at the bass of the piece which gives this strange war chant feel. That is a theme that I'll be pushing more but put simply, I'd like it to be an abstract representation of the advancement of troops etc. The entire final section is still under construction as it's just not working at the moment, although I do like the dispersion of effects by the fading of rain drops.

Comments and crits will be helpful :)


  1. Hey Jordan, I think 'sparse' can be a visual - certainly the sense of depth and melancholy and contemplation this sequence generates is something in its own right - because there's lots of other sequences which are going to be very frenetic and filled up. I think audiences will relish these 'downtime' moments and really sink into them.

  2. Agreed - complex for the sake of having something complex seems counter-intuitive. The music should dictate the visuals!

  3. I think I was worrying unnecessarily. I'm still trying to make the piece more visually engaging but I'm not too worried about it's complexity, more about the movement through the space. More updates tonight.