Tuesday 8 April 2014

Requiem - Abstracts #02 (Requiem and Kyrie)

The pathway to finding a solution or outcome to such an open and abstract project is still very much in flux. The examples below are one possible offshoot of a previous experiment. These are a couple of weeks old now, so the methodology behind a solution has developed and evolved since, but nonetheless, they are worth posting in an attempt to find a footing.

The initial ideas spawned from flattening curves and then extruding them against one another, or revolving them within a three dimensional space. Already, some of these have some interesting decisions. Some are very formal, with structure and weight, whilst others hover in negative space and demonstrate options for manufacture.

These options are far more in line with the aesthetic and ideas of traditional sculpture. In my role, I'm trying to find some alternative paths. These are not outcomes in any way, but demonstrate the breaking of traditional approach, attempting to create forms that sit in alternative spaces or that simply break from traditional ideas that we may have had.

In many ways these are just bizarre experiments in an attempt to find some interesting pathway through the project. But these ideas are already a few weeks old and new thoughts / research are being discussed, so keep updated for some new methodologies in the next few weeks.

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