Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Concert in Sections

After clipping and aligning the data to find the ‘true concert’ the next stage was to cut the performance in to manageable sections so that each generated curve would be more musically and visually specific. Each section of the seven chosen represents a natural break in the music, these are:

1: Requiem
2: Dies Irae
3: Offertorio
4: Sanctusi
5: Agnus Dei
6: Lux Aterna
7: Libera Me

To achieve this in Maya the timeline was adjusted (using a little math) to pinpoint the frames representing the breaks, fine tuning by ear was also needed to nuance the start and end of the break. Using the new time codes curves were generated for each data stream, shown below.


 Dies Irae



Agnes Dei

Lux Aterna

Libera Me

The next step: Giving each curve physical form...

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  1. so exciting to see these categorised like this - so well done to both Alan and Ethan in getting us to this stage :)