Tuesday 2 July 2013

Track 1 Update

I never quite explained my reasoning for taking the track in this direction compared to other sequences. It seems like a detour in some ways but I think the music develops so much later on that starting at this point feels perfectly natural. The music feels so slow and contemplative it's like wading through water and the opening track feels much more suited to being a proper 3D space to travel through. It's not super fast-paced jazz. It's slow, methodical and hypnotic. I've tried replicate this feeling through movement The audience will get sucked in.

I'd experimented with using Maya on the very first test for this project using Andriana's speed painting to generate the particles. This is the same particle experiment. Placing a moving camera into the scene, with all the joys of perspective and depth can bring, threw it completely open. A couple sacrifices from the original painting are going to be made because it's a re-imagining based on concept art, and not directly made through the painting like my other sequences. My goal with this sequence is to now just bring a bit more of the painting into the scene.


1 comment:

  1. I find this menacing as well as rather lovely - and the different approach is just going to add further richness to what you and Jordan are accomplishing here :)