Friday 5 July 2013

Act Revisited - Track 10 and 06

The final week is almost upon us and the rendering will begin soon. But before all that, it's a manic weekend of final changes, adjustments and corrections. The big change so far is a rework of Track 10. The last version was really lacking, and it just felt so unaware of it's base. So, I started fresh and it's already moving in a much more interesting direction.

Track 10

The key thing was to go back to the speed paintings and really think about what this piece was suggesting. The biggest problem is the lack of source material and notions. The music is very sparse, and thus the speed paintings vary wildly. From dark minimal images, to vivid explosions of colour. It all started with Joey Ku's and Dayle Sanders' images, both full of colour and life. These formed the base of the animation and helped build a strange landscape. The music really gives this impression of flying through a world as it slowly falls into silence. From these paintings, I started to build this abstract world and animate elements to emphasise this slow descent. It felt very enlightening and pleasing, despite it being the end of the piece, almost a surreal and dreamlike state of descent. So, this is the base, it hopefully provides a solid form to work from. The two areas I really want to get fixed this weekend are; to change the wavy coloured lines that act as transitions, and add in elements to help bring some excitements to certain parts. Phil Gomm's speed paintings suggest an almost firework display of explosion, which I think will add nicely to the subtle beats within the sequence.

Track 06

This sequence is another which is still in the works, but I'm uploading it with some changes so that I can get feedback about what could be added. It's definitely a piece which needs something extra, but I'm also wary about adding too much. The music for this part again has a strange wondering sensibility about it, and this is something I definitely want to keep. I've made changes to the end, partly because the previous spiral motif was a default stand in. This is going to require some further thought but for now it is definitely still open for adjustments.

All in all, things are moving towards completion. But this weekend is definitely the time to make changes and get things ready to render. The list below outlines what needs doing on my part.

Sequence 02 - Complete, slight adjustments need to be made before rendering.
Sequence 04 - Complete, again, final adjustments before rendering.
Sequence 05 - Incomplete, reassess and fix issues ready for render.
Sequence 06 - Complete, but additions to be made before rendering.
Sequence 10 - Incomplete - Addition elements and animation required before renders.

So, lots to do but if all goes well, rendering should begin for Monday morning.


  1. Hey Jordan - sorry I'm getting to this late, it's been a busy couple of days... Really like the new 10 - just one small suggestion though, that instead of the circular fade that brings the whole piece to a close, is it possible to have the elements disappear one-by-one, so that we're just left with that final vertical line, and then that begins to wiggle again just before it fades out to black completely? Or a variation thereof? It just feels that this abstract world should sort of wink out of existence like things being faded out, with that final line being all sinuous and then fading away to nothing (as opposed to the whole canvas fading at once).

  2. Hi Phil, yep that's an easy change and I think will have a more poignant effect. I've made a lot of changes to this piece and extended the abstract landscape to something much more encompassing. I think the final version will provide a really nice landscape to end on. It's become this odd abstract bird flight through a cloudy abstract haze. I think all these fine artists have had an affect on me.