Tuesday 1 July 2014

Project Requiem: 'Sanctus' - A Sneak Peak

'Sanctus' - photography by Jonathan Simms

In truth, this first week of July 2014 is a sort of creative fever-dream! Not only is the course team busy launching New Designers this week, Project Requiem comes to fruition on Thursday too. Very soon now, the seven sculptures we've conjured from motion-capture data, Autodesk Maya and sheet steel will be installed on the lawn of the Royal Opera House's High House Production Park in Purfleet. The sculptures will augment a live performance of Verdi's Requiem as performed by 300 singers, and conducted by Arie van Beek, from whose original movements our sculptures derived.

These vibrant portraits of the sculptural piece deriving from CGAA alum Tom Beg's 'Sanctus' 3D form come to us courtesy of UCA Photography lecturer, Jonathan Simms - all I can say is 'pow!'

'Sanctus' - photography by Jonathan Simms

'Sanctus' - photography by Jonathan Simms

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  1. This project has been a real testament to following an idea through, regardless of how mad hatter it seems at the start, and despite the technical challenges that might need to be worked through at various stages of the project. Well done to all involved in a project that drew on upon many hands and minds in the making! Animators - you are a seriously skilled bunch aren't you! Amie