Friday 13 June 2014

Project Requiem - The Final Seven

From the submissions we could only pick one sculpture for each of the seven parts of Verdi’s Requiem.
These are the seven sculptures that were picked.

Because of the complex and varied nature of these sculptures we needed to find a common method of abstraction in order for these sculptures to be fabricated. The method we chose involved processing each sculpture into seven flat, interlocking shapes, which are generated from their profile at seven equidistant angles. Think of them as snapshots, which when recombined, form a buildable structure, which derives from its original sculpture.


Dies Irae



Agnus Dei

Lux Aterna

Libera Me

The outcome of this is that we now have our final seven sculptures representing the seven movements of Verdi’s Requiem. You can view the all the turnarounds in the following playlist. (Note the colours used in these turnarounds do not represent the final chosen colours.)

Ethan Shilling

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