Tuesday 30 April 2013

First Test - VERY ROUGH!

A super early and very tentative animation test using Chrissie's Challenge 8 painting, Bearing in mind this was made with little or no consideration to detail or anything approaching finesse! The aim was to have a play with the PSD files in After Effects and how to manage the various layers once they are in a comp. I've just put everything onto a 3D layer, pushed the layers around to create depth and then pulled a camera through. Hey presto, something interesting already emerges! For future tests which are intended to contribute to the final piece, I think there's going to have to be a balance met between using the elements which already exist, and recreating some others so that they are usable for animation.


  1. with all the caveats above accepted, it's still clear just from this text how wonderfully immersive this content is going to prove - this is rather dreamy, isn't it? Yes - I think there is an argument for sure about extrapolating more flexible elements from the concept art - so you can control what you need and moderate accordingly.

    I'll email tonight, but I'm going to suggest that Tuesday 7th the 3 of us have a formal meet-up to discuss just these sorts of determinations and look at where things are and how they're shaping up.

    Very exciting to see this foray into the next phase, Tom :)

  2. Hey Tom, this is looking great. I've got some work in progress going on at the moment and although it's a little different from this, it is still in the same ball park. I've been working on sequence 02 and it's already exciting to see how quickly things take life in after effects. Keep these coming, I'll get mine uploaded to vimeo this evening.

  3. Hoping to get it set up so the circles make a wave sort of effect. Should look much 'wowier' with some actual thought!

  4. This is looking great Tom!!